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Lord Byron Ischia

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In the centre of Forio , the largest commune of the island, the Lord Byron hotel is situaded near the Chiaia and Citara beaches, the trading centre and not far from the beautiful Poseidon Gardens, a true oasis of nature, thermal baths and welfare, and the wild “Mortella”, the earthly garden Sir William Walton wanted, greatly managed by Sig. Susana and now spot of several classical concerts.

Three separated structures are together the whole plant, situated in a peaceful position, behind a small green oasis, where you can admire some Mediterranean plants as well as the panoramic lines of hilly areas on the south-western side of the hotel Monte Epomeo (789mt.) and Monte Corvo (663mt).

The Lord Byron hotel is like a peaceful huge villa immersed in a relaxing oasis. Inside everything is particularly cared, this and the familiar management and our staff’s availability make the environment refined and comfortable, which assure a holiday of welfare, calm and thermal baths.
Have a nice stay!

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